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Farmer Grabs A Huge Lynx By The Neck To Scold It For Eating His Chickens

Running a chicken company, like any other activity, has risks for a farmer.

Other predatory animals are a major hazard when chickens and hens are kept for the sale of their derived goods, for example.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

Our narrative is based on a conversation with Chris Paulson, one of these farm laborers in Tuffnut, British Columbia, Canada.

With a strong environmental conscience, he stated that he never expected to meet a massive lynx weighing 11 kilograms.

The ferocious predator was able to get access to the corral where the hens, chicks, and other young were housed in order to feast on a handful of these delectable specimens.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

Despite Chris’s fears of an angry reaction from the animal, it was pleasantly peaceful and docile.

Because of the enormous cat’s strange conduct, the guy was able to grasp him by the neck and give him a solid scolding and a lesson. so that he would refrain from taking other people’s property in the future

The farmer stated in this regard:

“The lynx was carrying feathers in its jaws because it didn’t want to go without a chicken.” I attempted to pull him out, but he was too intent on preying on him. So I leaned down and scooped him up, much like a house cat would with a kitten.’

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

“Look at the shambles you’ve created, buddy… Look how much you frightened them “, is a portion of the serious conversation the guy had with the wild animal.

Despite the admonition, Paulson is a thoughtful man who understands nature and understands that predation is an innate characteristic of these species.

Once the kitty was under control, the man felt sorry for the cat, which appeared to be quite skinny.

So he reconsidered and decided to let him go with his hen so he could feed himself. She is aware that there will always be other hunters on the prowl, but she is also aware that they are all vulnerable beings who must be cared for and never assaulted.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

Especially when it comes to farms, since they are animals that live in open regions, which are ideal for foxes and other predatory creatures.

“Fortunately, I was able to grab it, and, contrary to popular belief, these animals are not violent,” Chris explained.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson

According to Paulson, this cat was huge enough to have gravely wounded him.

He was, however, more concerned with teaching the animal not to steal from others than with his own protection.

When their pups get too rowdy and defiant, moms educate them to behave by holding them by the neck, according to the animal enthusiast.

The farmer decided to play the role of mother to the lynx in order to teach him a life lesson. Check out this video to see for yourself:

This is not the first time Chris Paulson and his family have encountered a frightening four-legged guy eager for their chicks.

Chris’s wife had to deal with a feathered owl a few weeks ago, who also attacked two chicks.

CREDIT: Chris Paulson