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After Donating Blood To Save A Puppy’s Life, The DogIs Happy

An endearing small puppy did something unexpected yet endearing. Jax, a hairy 7-year-old, gave blood to save an anemic puppy’s life. Jax’s mother, Jennifer Fowler, who is also a veterinarian, said her dog is delighted to assist.

Jennifer explained to LADbible:

“He enjoys every sort of treatment and remains completely motionless during any operation. We had a severely anemic dog that was on the verge of death on the day [I gave blood]. The unfortunate puppy’s body was nearly devoid of red blood cells, necessitating a transfusion.

Dog is very happy after having donated blood.

Jennifer notes that these kinds of contributions are hard to come by, and that veterinary staff members occasionally give their own dogs to assist ease the situation when it is not dangerous.

Jax was driven to the clinic by the woman’s husband, which was 10 minutes away from their house.

Jennifer cites:

“He was overjoyed to see everyone and remained perfectly still while we shaved and cleaned a little piece of fur on his neck to make the spot sterile.”

They extracted blood from his neck for approximately 30 seconds as he waited, wagging his tail and receiving kisses, and he never cried.

His mother said, ”

“It was all done in about 30 seconds, and she got loads of treats and a high-calorie snack of wet food, as well as some water, and she was allowed to spend the remainder of the afternoon in a really comfy bed.”

Not only is his mother proud of Jax’s bravery. After seeing his dog pleased, it was as though he realized he had helped and was content.

Jennifer said:

“That bag was adequate for three transfusions because to the puppy’s tiny size. The puppy made a significant improvement and returned home a few days later.”


Without a doubt, the dog is overjoyed that he was able to save another puppy by donating blood, and everyone is proud of his bravery. Jax is a fantastic young man.