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During A Thunderstorm, A Cat Comforts His Friend

Emma Patricia’s house is seldom peaceful, thanks to her four boisterous rescue cats. Norman and Noah, in especially, like wrestling and playing with one other.

“While on a canoe excursion, my younger sister came across Noah. Patricia told The Dodo, “He was down on the riverbank, and I came and retrieved him, and he never left.” “They act like brothers and act like brothers.”

Norman has made it his mission to look after Noah, his adopted brother, since he joined the family. “They enjoy being in close proximity to one another,” Patricia explained. “Wherever you locate one, the other is usually close by.”

One Saturday last month, Patricia was taking advantage of a rare moment of quiet to have breakfast and read a book when it started to storm. She glanced up to look out the window and caught her two cats in a secret moment of brotherly love.

They had been battling on the floor only minutes before, but now they sat side by side, Norman appearing to soothe Noah.

“The boys love to sit in the window and watch the rain,” Patricia added. “I didn’t think much of it at the time, but when I looked over a few minutes later, Norman had his arm around Noah, and they were just sitting there watching the storm.”

Before heading off to work, Patricia managed to grab a quick photo and share it on Twitter. Her post had gone viral by the time she arrived home. She was overjoyed that the memorable occasion had given so much joy to so many people.

Norman and Noah were not strangers to being good to one another, but she had never seen them support each other in such a beautiful way. “ They’ll groom each other by hugging each other like that.

Patricia is overjoyed that Norman and Noah are not just siblings, but also definitely close friends.