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Poodle Walks On His Hind Legs After Recovering From Amputation

As a result of the care she has gotten in her new home, Cora, a loving poodle who was abandoned a few years ago in appalling circumstances and had her front legs, back, and pelvis damaged, has made an incredible recovery.

In 2018, Tehachapi, California resident Zach Skow made the choice to give the now 6-year-old dog another opportunity.

The 40-year-old, who operates Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, thinks Cora was most likely struck by a car, which is what led to her critical injuries.

FB: Zach Skow

Sadly, the dog lost her legs since one of them was entirely ruined and the other developed a bone infection.

FB: Zach Skow

She had considerable suffering after having her legs amputated, but she has displayed incredible strength.

FB: Zach Skow

FOX News quotes Skow as saying:

“The vet wanted her put to sleep, but I knew she could recover since I’ve fostered numerous two-legged dogs over the years. Cora is currently everyone’s rock star.

With the use of a stroller, Cora’s mobility was significantly increased, and by three months, she was able to walk and even hop like a kangaroo on her two hind legs.

FB: Zach Skow

His complete healing has been the result of love and tenacity. She lost both of her legs, but she has demonstrated a resolve to keep fighting for her life.

FB: Zach Skow