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Kitten Clings To The Collar Of His Passed Away Dog Companion And Finds Comfort In It

In contrast to popular belief about his species’ purported competition with dogs, a cat was grieved by the loss of his canine pal. As a result, it was not surprising that when he discovered his departed companion’s necklace, he had the most touching reaction, leaving many in tears.

Losing a pet is never easy; not only do their human parents grieve from this irreplaceable loss, but his furry companions are also disturbed when they wake up and no longer see their adventure partner.

Zeus and Sam were inseparable, but Zeus’s heart, a loving kitty, was devastated two months ago when his staunch buddy of years died.

CREDIT; @aquariuscatgrl

The kitten grieved much following Sam’s death, but he was able to sense his friend’s presence again a few days ago when he discovered the puppy’s collar.

And it is within his compassion and innocence that he finds it impossible to convey to a furry companion that his adventurous friend, his brother in life, is no longer with him. They are similar to youngsters, which is why finding the necklace was so significant for the child.

Zeus sat down on the ground and began to smell his friend’s clothes, as if Sam had brought him particular consolation from heaven.

CREDIT; @aquariuscatgrl

Many people believe that the connection between dogs and cats may be highly stormy, but Zeus and Sam defied any preconceived notions about the purported negative relationship between these two animals, who, despite of their temperaments, discovered a strong affinity in their differences to deepen friendship.

Emma remarks that Zeus always adored snuggling with Sam, and that seeing them play was the ideal blend of affection and pain, since one of Zeus’ favorite activities was to taunt Sam.

CREDIT; @aquariuscatgrl

Despite the fact that the mischievous cat was continually making fun of Sam, the puppy never attacked him; on the contrary, he was quite patient of his feline friend’s bizarre pranks, which was a lovely way of expressing him his unconditional love.

Zeus was bound to feel alone after the puppy died; day and night, he meowed disconsolately as though hunting for him; his heart was surely crushed.

Zeus was sniffing a shelf where Sam’s jewelry was, and when he spotted it, he couldn’t quit smelling it, as if he was reconnecting with his adventure buddy.

Although his relatives are unsure whether the fact that Zeus discovered the necklace will aid in the healing of his heart, watching him so pleased with the necklace was a more than memorable moment.

CREDIT; @aquariuscatgrl