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Four Homeless Dogs Took Care Of An Abandoned Newborn Baby In India

The girl was cruelly abandoned at the age of seven days, and thanks to four homeless dogs in Purulia, India, who took it upon themselves to guard her, she is still alive today. Before a woman arrived and saved her, the dogs watched over her from a distance.

With this lovely performance, it was shown that dogs make wonderful companions and are capable of acting far better than humans, as was the case with the abhorrent managers of the theater.

The kid was covered in a pastel pink sheet when the lady called for help. One of the woman’s neighbors offered the young daughter some milk to help her stop sobbing. After then, she stopped weeping, according to Chowdhury.

Even after the girl was taken out of the bushes, the dogs continued to keep an eye on her. When the incident was later reported to the Puruilia police station’s officers, they asked for assistance from the line to protect minors.

The infant was taken to the Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital by the police, where it was found that she was seven days old, weighed 2.8 kilograms, and was being looked after in the special care section for infants. She may be showing indications of jaundice, but there is nothing to worry about, according to Dr. Shibshankar Mahato.

The woman who discovered her chose the name Sania to honor the day she was saved (Shanivaar). “Without the dogs, the infant most likely wouldn’t have survived. We are all appreciative of them “said Chowdhury.