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At A Couple’s Mountainside Wedding, The Sweetest Pets Arrive Out Of Nowhere

Rachel Franco and her boyfriend Alexander Oyen believed that things would be straightforward between them and a photographer when they agreed to participate in a serious ceremony on Flagstaff Mountain in Colorado, United States. Instead, two lovely dogs came suddenly in the middle of the party and completely transformed their mood.

Everything looked quiet on the mountain that day, until Rachel saw they were being followed by the sweetest dogs; one of them, a husky named Freya, chose to attend the wedding with his brother Bruno. The woman and her husband, fortunately, are animal lovers, and the fact that these dogs were present as surprise witnesses was wonderful.

According to Rachel, who spoke to The Dodo,

“As I drew away from the kiss, I thought to myself, ‘Do I believe anything is wrong with me?’ We had just completed making our vows to each other and had our first kiss as a married couple.” When I opened my eyes, there stood the most stunning husky Dog.

At this couple’s wedding, the sweetest dogs arrive out of nowhere.

The dogs’ owner recognized they were too comfortable with the bride and groom and tried to shoo them away, but the dogs persisted on staying with them and participating in the wedding photographs.

Rachel describes:

This was incredible for us. It felt as though the cosmos was applauding us or informing us that we were on the right track. Since all we want is for the dogs to rush up to us and interrupt our lives, this was both entertaining and ideal.

Freya, the gorgeous Husky, looked the most pleased to be a part of the festivities.

The lady explains:

“The first time he came up to us, he leaned on my legs and basically gave up his entire weight in the expectation of being pampered, which we do. She approached us many times, sniffing my flowers and the train of my gown.

Without realizing it, these dogs aided the groom in a crucial moment, since he is frightened of heights and found comfort in the company of these lovely guys.

Rachel said

“I think it helped him feel better to watch these dogs roaming around and having a good time in an area they were obviously acquainted with.”

The woman is certain that she will remember that special moment on top of the mountain with her husband and the two surprise animal guests at her wedding for the rest of her life.

Rachel finished by saying:

“All I could think about was how much I enjoyed our little ceremony and the time we spent there. My spouse was really attractive, and I felt privileged to be present with him.