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Tired And Stressed Medical Staff At A Denver Hospital Receive Emotional Treatment From A Therapy Dog

The first line of defense against the spread of the coronavirus is unquestionably the staff at all medical facilities (COVID-19). However, because of the pandemic-related problem, physicians and nurses are required to perform a lot of demanding, long hours.

Due to this circumstance, a lot of individuals have decided to assist hospital medical professionals in many ways and provide their small grain of sand.

For instance, some hotels provide free room for both medical workers and those who provide them with information.


Bringing therapy dogs to hospitals in the United States has been shown to be a better approach to provide worn-out medical staff a mental break and ease their workload. This allows professionals to clear their thoughts for a short while and not worry about their surroundings.

The Denver-based Rose Medical Center started this project, and it is beginning to provide fruitful results.


Wynn, a trained service dog who is one year old and was instrumental in launching this project, is now in responsibility of cheering up the medical personnel. Her primary responsibility is to provide the emergency room’s medical staff hugs and mental breaks.

Given that he is being educated by Susan Ryan, an emergency physician at the hospital, Wynn does not find it unusual to be in this location.


After finishing with a patient one day and heading outside to rest, Susan noticed Wynn and decided to take a nap next to him.

Suzan said to CNN:

I witnessed Wynn’s return after being led outside. I just fell to the ground and asked, “Can I talk to her for a minute?”

Susan had a surge of energy following that brief session, which inspired her to advocate for it and incorporate it into her everyday activities.

“Experiencing something you can’t see or hear has an effect on you. The dogs step in at this point. When you pat the dog and are in the dog’s presence, you are taking a minute to ground yourself and refocus.

The interaction with Wynn is the most emotional part of the day for the hospital’s medical staff as well as Susan, who has trained her since she was a puppy and now routinely brings her to the hospital to perform her lovely work.