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Elephant Shows Rescuer How To Sing A Lullaby To A New Baby

Some people believe that music is the universal language, and this elephant appears to agree.

Lek Chailert, the founder of the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, was meeting with some visitors at the sanctuary earlier this week when they were abruptly stopped by Faa Mai, a 9-year-old elephant resident.

Faa Mai didn’t seem to mind that her pal was preoccupied, and she proceeded to push Chailert out into the field, tapping her on the back with her trunk or even wrapping it around her if she tried to stop.

“I was curious as to what she actually desired,” Chailert remarked.

Faa Mai and Chailert arrived at their destination after a short walk.

Thong Ae, a newly rescued elephant calf that Faa Mai has taken a special fancy to, was straight ahead.

Chailert explained, “She wants to adopt [her] as her own.”

And Chailert instantly recognized what Faa Mai desired: a song.

“Faa Mai asked me to lullaby her little pal because she loves it when I sing her a lullaby,” Chailert explained.

She sat down in the grass beneath the two elephants and began singing, and they listened while holding each other’s trunks.

Thong Ae, the young man, began to feel fatigued. She leaned in for a back rub from Chailert, then laid out her huge bulk in the grass beneath a tree.

The incident served as just another reminder to Chailert of how extremely sweet and caring elephants can be.

Chailert remarked of Faa Mai, “It’s really amazing to see my little kid who has such a heart of kindness.” “I am incredibly proud of this young lady.”

Take a look at the adorable video below: