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After Being Driven Out Of Their Den By Lumberjacks, Two Bears Passed Away From Cold

Two bear pups perished after being exposed to cold temperatures after their mother was mauled by two woodcutters, as the irresponsible and callous guy wreaked devastation once more.

It is commonly known that infant animals, much like infant humans, require their mother’s protection and care. to be able to go through the newborn period.

Dmitry Pankratov

Tragically, two bear cubs perished while hibernating in a den with their mother. It is well known that many different animals hibernate during the winter until the cold has subsided, not just bears.

After some loggers chose to ruthlessly remove them when they sought sanctuary in a den during the winter, a mother bear and her cubs were left exposed.

Dmitry Pankratov

Two guys planned to take the bears from the den while they were drunk, interrupting their hibernation process.

The males started hitting the mother bear until she left the shelter, according to a Department of Regional Wildlife Management and Conservation of Russia inquiry. A Department of Management representative offers the following insight:

“After sawing logs, the men went for a walk in the woods while intoxicated. They found a den and decided it would be a good idea to awaken the mother bear.

Dmitry Pankratov

The males proceeded to abuse the mother, even using a chainsaw to hurt her as she attempted to defend her den.

The terrified puppies were forced to leave the cave by their mother since they were too fearful to stay inside. However, in their rush to exit the cave and get away from the men, the pups followed various routes. Unfortunately, the terrified mother fled, leaving her children behind, who were later discovered frozen.

Dmitry Pankratov

According to reports from the police, the guys who committed such a heinous deed have been identified and will face legal action.

The mother bear is still alive, according to Dmitry Pankratov of the Department of Wildlife Control, Protection, and Regulation, even though she left the den.

Dmitry Pankratov