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Watch This Adorable Service Dog Pick Out A Present On His Birthday

This is Toli — a sweet service dog who’s dedicated to making life a little easier for his best friend, Michael Cantu.“He’s been with me every step of the way since I got him,” Cantu told The Dodo. “He helps me open doors and drawers, turn on/off lights, picks up things I drop, etc.”Toli loves to lend a paw. But on one special day recently, it was all about him.

This week, Toli celebrated his 4th birthday — and Cantu found the perfect way to mark that happy occasion.Rather than risk picking out a present that his dear pup might not prefer above all others, Cantu decided to take Toli straight to the source: the plaything aisle at a local pet store. There, the wagging-tailed Toli got to peruse his options, seeming to understand fully what the shopping trip was all about. Here’s the adorable moment Toli found himself the perfect gift:

“This has kinda become a tradition on his birthday,” Cantu said. “He loves taking naps and cuddling with his toys.”So, what exactly did Toli pick out for himself this time?A plush rabbit toy. (And boy, does he adore it.)

“That rabbit, who is now named Chungus, he takes with him everywhere,” Cantu said.