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Stranger Undresses And Jumps Into Cold River To Save Drowning 13-Year-Old Dog

Sara Melnicoff was going for a morning walk with her 13-year-old dog Carli when the pooch was suddenly swept away by the raging waters of Mill Creek, US.

“I was running along the creek, calling her name, when I got to the area that overlooks the Tea Cup,” Melnicoff wrote on Facebook. “I was going to take my shoes off and go in the water to try to get her, when this young man appeared out of nowhere and stripped down to his boxers. He plunged into the water, making his way along the slippery rocks, while the powerful currents of the water rushed all around him.”

To Melnicoff’s relief, the brave man, named Bobby L’Heureux, “managed to get a hold of Carli down stream some distance.” The dog “was shaking like a leaf and didn’t have much energy left.” Melnicoff donated to Bobby’s non profit charity for saving her girl.