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Dog Is So Happy For Her New Snow Goggles And Can’t Contain Excitement, She Is So Energetic And Adorable

Meet this adorable dog named Maple. She is so energetic and loves playing outside a lot. Also, her mom has said that she swims underwater with her eyes open as well.

“I wanted to buy goggles because she swims completely underwater with her eyes open and is always hanging out the [car] window/doing activities, so on Black Friday they went on sale so I bought some,” Jessica Dylan Mann, Maple’s mom, told The Dodo.

One day Maple played in the snow and was so happy.

Maple’s mom realized that dog could “see” under the snow with her new goggles, and thought this is sick. Also Jessica has said that Maple always loved the snow.

“When she first realized she could see under the snow you could just see in her face and body language how excited she was to explore something new and have fun,” Mann said. “She has always loved the snow but never have [I] seen her do the tunnel-like thing with the goggles.”

This so cute and adorable! Good job Maple!