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Stray Dog Brings His Friends To Destroy The Car Of The Evil Man Who Kicked Him

It’s heartbreaking when homeless, stray dogs get treated like trash by arrogant and entitled humans.

While most of the times these poor animals are not able to defend themselves, a recent incident in China proved that dogs can fight back too if the abuse becomes unbearable!

A man in China was enraged when he found a stray dog sleeping in his favorite parking spot.

Instead of coaxing the dog to move, the man simply got out of his car and started kicking the dog mercilessly.

The startled dog ran away, and the man parked his car and went indoors.

However, just minutes later a neighbor noticed a pack of angry street dogs approaching the dog-kicker’s car.

The victim dog had come with reinforcements to get even with his abuser! The united army of stray dogs threw themselves at the man’s car and started vandalizing it from all corners!

The dogs chewed away through the metal and tires until the car was visibly demolished. After exacting revenge to their heart’s content, the dogs walked away triumphantly.

Needless to say, the loathsome man learned a lesson he won’t forget anytime soon. This is one story of instant karma we really enjoyed. This is what we call ruff justice!

Check out the video below to watch the victim stray dog and his friends ruin the abuser’s most prized possession and get their payback!

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