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They Try To Separate A “Dangerous” Jaguar From A Defenseless Puppy, But Everything Seems Useless

A jaguar, needless to say, is not a pet. However, it is true that many of these magnificent animals require the assistance of rescuers in order to live, especially if they lose their moms while they are infants.

The jaguar is the only existing member of this genus found in North America. It is also the biggest cat in the Americas and the world’s third largest, behind the tiger (Panthera tigris) and the lion (Panthera leo).

This was the situation with Jag, a massive jaguar. Rescuers from South Africa’s Akwaaba Lodge discovered him when he was just a few days old.

The poor cat was utterly alone, and it was clear that he required protection.

Only two of its cousins, tigers and lions, are larger in the world.

Fortunately, this group specialized in wild animals, and they had everything they needed to provide Jag with the care he need.

Contrary to their expectations, the lovely feline proved to be highly gregarious and friendly.

He demonstrated his happiness and gratitude to his rescuers. Jag had a particular bond with his human, and when he was younger, he even slept in the same bed next to her, waking her up every now and again to beg for a well-deserved bottle.

She gave him all her attention, but she knew the day would come when Jag would grow up and have to start living in the sanctuary’s larger cages.

What disturbed him the most was that the adorable kitty was highly gregarious, and he didn’t want to leave him there alone.

It was then that he realized he should introduce him to his puppy, Bullet.

This adorable fuzzy guy was also quite sociable, and the rescuer believed that they could become great friends despite his natural nature as a hunter.

When they attempted to remove Jag from Bullet, he sobbed incessantly. The lonely kitten did nothing but scream and lie down while waiting for his beloved companion. But, to his surprise, the puppy wasn’t far behind.

In this video, you can see the interplay of the unlikely buddies that has so many people impressed: