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Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Decides To Follow Nice Woman Home

When Leilani Wong, her husband, and their dog stopped for gas in Stockton, California, they were traveling by car.

Wong observed a happy small puppy sniffing about her car as she waited for her husband to fill the tank.


Wong told The Dodo, “I observed her strolling around the petrol station and then she stopped in front of our car and was just gazing at me. And I’m slamming my fist on the window, yelling at my husband, ‘Are you seeing this?’ She then began stalking my husband while he was driving.

The dog was panting and the temperature was 105 degrees. Wong started asking locals if the dog belonged to anybody, but it came out that the gas station was a well-liked location for abandoned animals to be dumped.


Wong offered the dog food and water when it wouldn’t stop following her. It was obvious that the dog was either terribly mistreated or homeless because of how appreciative she felt for the simple gesture of goodwill.

In order to find a shelter that would take the dog, Wong and her husband decided to take Kaia along on their road trip.

@leilaniewong When we rescued our sweet girl Kaia #rescue #dogrescue #dogmom ♬ original sound – Leilani Wong

She spent the first night sleeping in the van with my husband, and she was simply afraid, anxious, and shy, said Wong. She would simply eat, that is all.

Kaia had grown utterly connected to her adoptive parents by the time they arrived back in Washington. Wong said, “She’s like a tiny magnet.”


Wong took her to the doctor for a thorough examination and began immunizing her in order to get her ready for adoption. However, Kaia got along so well with Wong’s other dogs that they couldn’t bear to part with her.

Even now, months later, Kaia still has no idea how to play with toys or what to do when a bone or reward is provided. She is, however, becoming more receptive every day and demonstrating to her mother what a loving and active dog she can be.