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A Cute Little Fox Is Caught Napping On A Stump

Sara Ryan’s parents have been self-isolating at home in Canada for the past three days. However, there has been one silver lining to being cooped up indoors all day.

It’s given them a front-row ticket to a cute spectacle unfolding right outside their window.

A little fox snoozing calmly on a tree stump in the backyard.


“My father was ecstatic!” Ryan told The Dodo about it. “They’ve been socially isolating themselves and don’t have pets, so I’m sure they were thrilled to have something unusual in their yard!”

The fox was initially noticed by Ryan’s father on Tuesday, on the remains of a dead tree that the city had cut last year. He’s been providing her regular updates since then.


“The fox glanced up and then went right back to sleep,” Ryan’s father stated as he walked outside.

Clearly, the comfortable little fox, sitting atop the towering stump, felt safe in his nap.

“Because of the carport behind it, the tree only faces my parents’ yard,” Ryan explained. “I’m sure it’s a nice, warm, and secure spot for a slumber!”


When Ryan’s father peered out the window later that evening, he discovered the fox had awoken and fled the area. He wasn’t gone for long, though.

He returned to the area that had left him so well-rested the day before after a night of activity (foxes are, after all, nocturnal).

“He’s back there sleeping away today!” Ryan remarked.


Ryan’s father was overjoyed, and she was as well. She decided to tweet about the fox, and the rest of the world agreed.

Her tweet went viral in a matter of hours, with people all around the world fawning over a cute, sleeping fox. He has no idea that he is exactly what the world requires.

“I adore the fact that people adore the fox! In the middle of a lot of worry, anxiety, and confusion, it’s understandable that people desire a little joy “Ryan said. “I’m pleased my one popular tweet was a nice tweet at a time when things weren’t so cute.”