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Impressive Recovery Of A Dog That Had Sores All Over Its Body

Animal Aid Unlimited is an animal rescue group with offices in Udaipur, India. As a result of their work, many animals have been able to escape dangerous circumstances including abuse and abandonment. A homeless dog named Lonnie who had been living on the streets was given a second shot at life thanks to the assistance of this charity.

Mange, a terrible skin condition brought on by the spread of mites or microscopic parasites, caused the dog’s horrific sores and uncomfortable itch. Lonnie was able to regain his good health with the help of the Animal Aid Unlimited’s ongoing care.

In the video, you can see how one of the rescuers from the team of the organization was in charge of luring the dog’s attention using treats as “bait,” then picking him up and loading him into the truck to transport him to a rehabilitation facility. vet services.

This dog underwent a remarkable transformation after a month of therapy. In addition to physical changes, the energy this dog sends and receives from its rescuers is an incredible expression of gratitude.

He jumps and runs as soon as the entrance to the shelter is opened, acting like a small child who has just received the reward he so richly deserves for being so neglected.