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Family Surprised To Learn Their New Home Comes With A Feral Cat

New homeowners was surprised to learn that they had gotten a cat along with their new house – something they only discovered when they moved in.

Miranda and her family had just moved into their new house when they found a note left by the previous owners telling them about the unexpected feline tenant.

The note explained that there was a feral cat that had been living in the backyard for the past decade and could they look after him.

Soon after, the mysterious cat appeared, as if he knew they had just read the note.

“We immediately looked out the back sliding glass door and he was looking at us through the door,” Miranda said.

Miranda and her family didn’t that their new home came with a cat. That’s because they have five rescue cats fo their own!

“We started laughing because we currently have five cats, all but one have been rescued,” Miranda explained to the Dodo. “The house we lived in previously, people used to drop off their cats there and we took them in.”

They named the cat Raz, and it turns out he is as stand-off-ish as the previous owners had written.

But over the past several weeks of feeding him, Raz has begun to trust the new family.

“He used to hide anytime we came to the door. Now we can sit outside with him,” Miranda said. “He will come up and eat now when the screen door is open, which he wouldn’t do before.”

He’s also comfortable enough to come to the door and meow when it’s time for dinner. Miranda hopes that Raz will become comfortable enough with his new family that he will let them get him seen by a vet and to become friendly with their cats.