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When The Door To The Home Is Open, This Calf Loves To Sneak In

Sven is a pampered calf who lives on a 9-acre farm with six dogs, cats, pigs, goats, chickens, pigeons, and a parrot as part of an extraordinary rescue family. With so many animals wandering freely, living together may be tough, and it’s even more complicated because Sven likes to sneak inside the home.

Sven sees a chance to enter and add to the mayhem within the house if any of the doors are left open. He is not permitted to enter the house since he has a tendency to slide on the floor and injure himself, but he ultimately decides to test his luck and takes a tour of the corridors.

Sven’s mother, Nicole Fredericks, a veterinary technician and wildlife rehabilitator, told The Dodo:

“He is extremely intelligent and enjoys being stroked and given goodies. Hugs are something he enjoys, but only on his terms.


Nicole tells the story:

“It will escape as long as the door is open for more than a few minutes.” Cows are extremely inquisitive creatures (even more so than cats), and he was unwell for a few days as a youngster and spent some time in my laundry room, so he was used to being indoors. I always make sure to close the doorknob when he comes in.


Nicole saw that the door had not been closed while inside the home, and she was certain that something bad was about to happen; indeed, Sven could be seen casually entering the house along the hall in a matter of seconds.

Fortunately, Sven like sweets, so his mother was able to easily lead him out the exit; nevertheless, this will undoubtedly not be his final effort to enter the house.

Sven is an inquisitive young man who will always find a way to achieve his goals.

Su mother added:

«In general, I ro if someone comes in and only agarro a few golosinas to sober him up before he does any harm. Because the vacas are so motivated by food, they usually end up eating a galleta. Entró a few months ago, made his way to my room, and woke me up».


Regardless of the home regulations prohibiting Sven from entering, he will undoubtedly attempt to sneak in whenever he can, and his mother will grin and try to frighten him away with sweets.


Nicole adores her mischievous and adorable calf.

She continued:

“I don’t believe it has any of the ‘I shouldn’t do this’ feelings that a dog would have.” If they want to accomplish something, they simply go ahead and do it!’