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A Dog That ‘Worked’ At A Laundry Can’t Seem To Quit Napping On All Of The Machines

When clients arrive into the Larkin Street laundry in San Francisco at closing time, they could get an extra bonus on their service, which is a cute greeting from your finest staff. Cody, an 8-year-old golden retriever, assists his father at closing time every night and pays close attention to his clients.

Cody is a hard worker who takes his job extremely seriously. While his father cleans and puts everything away, the dog can’t stop napping on all the machines; thankfully, his father doesn’t mind and likes seeing him relax in the laundry, despite the fact that Cody isn’t the best worker.


The young lady goes on to say:

“After we attempted to persuade him to sit in the chairs, he worked out how to move from the chair to the smaller washers, then to the larger washers.” He’s a little more laid-back than our former dog, so he’d rather lie down and wait for petting and snacks.”

Cody is now the laundromat’s major attraction, and customers like meeting him while waiting for their clothing to be washed. Overall, it’s a great way to pass the time while his clothes dry, and this guy appreciates the way it all works, the attention, and watching others come by.

Stephanie explains:

“‘I do what I want,’ he has always said.”


Cody has become a local celebrity and has even been the subject of several humorous memes after only a few years on the job.