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An Owl Flies Into A Helicopter To Join The Pilot Fighting A Massive Wildfire

Dan Alpiner is a helicopter pilot who has been assisting in the fight against the huge Creek Fire that is raging in the central California wilderness.

Alpiner received a magnificent reminder of whose environment he and other fire personnel have been fighting so hard to rescue the other day, while pouring bucketload after bucketload of water on the wildfire.


Alpiner was about 200 feet above the ground in his helicopter, about to drop a bucket of water on the fire, when he observed a rapid movement from an open side window.

Alpiner told The Dodo, “I noticed this flutter out of the corner of my eye.” “I glanced over, a bit startled, and we locked gazes.”

A wild owl had unexpectedly boarded the airplane, landing on the seat next to Alpiner.

“He just kind of relaxed,” Alpiner explained. “I was completely taken aback. He seemed quite pleasant, as though he just wanted to say hello.”


Alpiner went about his business as usual, telling his new copilot, “Well, let’s go do some work here, buddy.”

Alpiner’s owl stayed by her side for two refills and drops. He then soared out the window, not far from where the chopper was when he entered.

Alpiner has no idea what to make of that incredible meeting, but it is one he will never forget.

“I’m still trying to make sense of it. It was simply surreal “Alpiner stated this. “It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.”