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Puppy Dumped With Chair And TV Thought His Owner Would Come Back For Him

A hopeful tiny heart was trying so hard not to break among a strew of illegally abandoned home furniture.

It was a puppy who had no idea he’d been abandoned as well.


Animal control officer Sharon Norton was alerted to this tragic scene along a peaceful stretch of road in Lincoln County, Mississippi, on Monday morning.

She drove directly to the location, where she discovered the little dog clinging to live on a chair, close to where a TV had also been dumped.


The dog was obviously hungry, but he had refused to move because he believed the person who had put him there would certainly return for him.


Norton told The Dodo, “He looks like he’s been there for about a week.” “He’s nothing but skin and bones.”

Norton approached the helpless dog and convinced him that she was there to assist him. She fed him for the first time in days.


Despite the puppy’s lengthy wait for his owner, who had never returned, the presence of someone who genuinely cared put him at peace right away.

“When I lifted him up and took him to the animal control truck, he seemed really joyful,” Norton recalled. “I could feel his tail wagging on my back. Now he knows he’s secure.”


The dog has subsequently been vaccinated and dewormed, and Norton has put him with the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League in Mississippi.

Following that, he’ll be put up for adoption.