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Dog Refuses To Leave His Precious Toys While They Dry

Mika has always been possessive of his toys since he was a puppy.

Vanessa, whose family owns Mika, told The Dodo, “Mika has extremely strong sheepdog behavior, especially when it comes to defending things.” “If we were doing laundry and he dropped a pair of socks, he would take them to his bed and refuse to allow anybody approach them.”


Mika is so delicate with his toys that they tend to survive a long time — and he’s amassed quite a collection over the years. He spends the most of his time snuggling them and may occasionally play with them if he gets the zoomies, but he is cautious not to harm any of his prized possessions.

Mika’s family had recently discovered that his toys had grown a little dirty and stinky, but it seemed hard to separate Mika from his collection long enough to wash them.


Until Mika went for a stroll one day, and his mother seized the chance to give his toys a thorough cleaning. Mika didn’t even have to walk inside his house to realize he had been deceived when he returned.

“He instantly strolled onto the lawn and glanced up at the laundry line when he came back through the back gate with my father,” Vanessa added. “After staring at my mother and then back at the phone, he sat down and refused to answer her call.”

Mika’s unwavering face as he guarded his toys spoke it everything.


Mika would not come inside without his prized possessions. Rather, he preferred to sit in the yard and keep an eye on them while they dried.

Vanessa said on Reddit about the adorable shot, ” “All of the dog’s toys were cleaned by my mother. He now refuses to enter the home without them.”