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Car Full Of Dogs Freaks Out When They Find Out Where They’re Going

A lot of dogs get very excited when they find out they’re going to the park (and then don’t want to leave once they’re there) — but when you have multiple very large dogs, that excitement happening all at once can get a little crazy.

Every time one man takes his four huge dogs to the park, everything seems sort of calm and manageable at first …

… until Dad says to the gang, “Alright y’all, where we going?” …

… and the dogs figure out EXACTLY where they’re going.

After that, they completely lose their cool …

… and feed off of each other’s excitement to the point where their dad almost has to pull the car over to calm down his crazy dog family.

Once the crew finally arrives at the park, the frantic excitement dies down a bit, but just imagine what they’re probably like once they’re finally out of the car and running around the park. That’s one patient dog dad.

Watch the full video of these VERY excited dogs below: