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At Her Doggy Day Care, Her Dog Insists On Petting All Of The Dogs

Ruby and her brother Miles are regulars at Burlington, Ontario’s The Den Doggy Daycare. When it comes to establishing friends, the German shorthaired pointer is everything but laid-back.

When Ruby is around other dogs, she demonstrates her affection in the most loving manner she knows how: by giving them the pets they deserve.


Ruby’s strange conduct was first noted by Alanah Lorraine, who brings her dog Lexy to day care, a few months ago. Lorraine told The Dodo, “She does that every time she comes in.” “We believe she is seeking attention!”

Ruby refuses to keep her paws to herself when she is at day care. Her canine companions are frequently perplexed by her soft strokes, but they put up with them nevertheless. They appear to understand that this is merely Ruby’s way of saying “hello.”

“Most dogs don’t seem upset by it and just go along with it,” Lorraine explained.


Lorraine started photographing Ruby’s pawing whenever she caught her doing it, and she finally decided to assemble the footage. She uploaded the video to TikTok, where it received tens of thousands of views.

Lorraine remarked, “I thought it would be cute, but I never expected it would become viral.”


Pawing at other dogs is usually a sign of submission or an invitation to play, but Ruby appears to be just interested in scratching the pups’ heads or backs.

Here’s the link to the charming video: