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Burrito Goes To His Owner’s Window Every Night, He Won’t Fall Asleep Without Her Pampering “Mama Loves You”

There is nothing more reassuring than receiving a little tenderness from the person you love at the end of a stressful day. And there’s a tiny creature in Brazil who won’t go to sleep until she’s said her goodbyes to her mother and received a few cuddles and kind words from her.

Thanks to a video in which he looks to be squandering kindness and has infected many of the greatest energies, this donkey has gained everyone’s admiration on social media.

The small creature is seen with her large ears poking out of a room window in a clip recorded by her mother, Jacqueline Gouveia, and released on her Facebook account.

Django and his human mother have a pleasant tradition of saying farewell before going to sleep, as strange as it may seem. As he approaches the window, she begins to whisper kind words to him and touches him tenderly.

In the footage, the woman can be heard repeating, “Mom loves you… Mom loves you.”

The most emotional scene is Django’s reaction when his mother begins to pamper him. Like a toddler or a spoiled dog, Django romps on the window frame, revealing all the delight he can’t contain.

The affection between the two is palpable, and anybody who has viewed the video can tell that saying good night is a common occurrence between them.

Django is overjoyed, and he’s joined by another equine pal who appears to be seeking attention as well. It’s natural to desire to be pampered, but Django appears to be the spoilt child. The lovely brown donkey quits up after a quick close-up of the scenario and goes away from the window.

Everyone has fallen in love with Django’s charm, and the recording has already received over 200,000 Facebook interactions and over 15,000 comments.

His human mother is not only a natural nurturer of this youngster, but also a member of the City Council of Juazeiro do Norte and an outspoken advocate for animal rights.