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Dog Who Can’t Walk Gets Her Own Skis To Play In The Snow

Due to sickness, a handicapped dog was given a set of skis so she could roam around and play in the snow. Molly is a lovely senior dachshund who was diagnosed with IVDD in 2015.

The cushioning discs between the vertebrae of the spine crowd or rupture into the space of the spinal cord, causing IVDD. These discs then push on the spinal nerves, producing excruciating pain and irreversible nerve damage.

Facebook/Molly Freeman

This sickness is so powerful that it can even induce paralysis, as it did to Molly, rendering her unable to move her rear legs.

As a result, Susan Freeman and her family were certain that this would not be a barrier, and they decided to assist Molly by making her a wheelchair.

Facebook/Molly Freeman

Molly appears to enjoy a normal life and doesn’t seem to notice that she is different from her siblings, and she navigates her wheelchair with ease.

Molly and her family reside in Canada, where the winters are bitterly cold and icy, making movement impossible.

Facebook/Molly Freeman

Molly’s family sought a solution after noticing how difficult it was for her to navigate in her wheelchair in the snow. They discussed many options and decided that a pair of skis would be beneficial to Molly’s mobility in the winter.

Facebook/Molly Freeman

Susan explained to The Dodo:

“The first winter was really difficult for her, so we began looking for skis to assist her.”

Her family wanted to ensure that the dog continued to enjoy walking and playing in the snow.

Facebook/Molly Freeman

They found a children’s scooter that came with skis and was the correct size for her after much research for a pair of skis. So they bought Molly the special chair with skis, and as soon as she tried it, they knew they’d made the perfect choice.

Susan stated,

“She enjoys skiing and looks forward to doing it.”

When she’s on her skis, the 11-year-old crippled dog acts like a puppy, and she has no issue playing with her brothers, Izzy and Luis.