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Duck Has Cutest Reaction When Her Mom Comes Home From Work Each Day

Chantel Grant and her husband have always had a ton of wild ducks living in their neighborhood in Minnesota. If they left their back door open, the ducks would just wander into the house to say hello, and the couple grew very fond of their unique neighbors. Whenever Grant noticed a duckling stuck somewhere, like in a neighbor’s pool, she would immediately rescue them and then drive around the neighborhood until she was able to reunite them with their family.

She became the unofficial duck rescuer of her neighborhood, but she never planned on becoming a duck mom until she met Petunia.

When a mother duck laid her eggs in some bushes next to Grant’s house, she was so excited to eventually watch them hatch and see all the little ducklings running around. When she came home from work one day, she found that the ducklings had already hatched and the whole family was gone — except for one little egg that had been left behind.

As the egg began to hatch, Grant frantically drove around the neighborhood searching for the duckling’s family. Unfortunately, something must have spooked them, as they were nowhere to be found.

“I called some local wildlife care centers, and asked if they were able to rehab her,” Grant told The Dodo. “They said that because she’s an invasive species, they would have to euthanize her. So that’s how we ended up with a duck! I would never let anything like that happen to her.”

Grant decided right then and there to make the duckling a part of her family, and named her Petunia.

From the very beginning, Petunia fit right in with her new rescue family. She has her very own bedroom with a “Beware of Guard Duck” sign on the door, and she loves running around the house chasing after the members of her family. She has two macaw siblings who hate each other but love her. She loves cuddling up with her parents on the couch, and just wants to be near someone she loves at all times.

“Petunia is just a joy to have around,” Grant said. “When we are home, she has free rein of the house. She is a very good flyer and loves to fly around the house.”

Grant works at a law firm, and some days Petunia gets to come to work with her. She loves hanging out with all of her fellow employees, and might be the only duck ever to work at a law firm. On the days she has to stay home, Petunia waits patiently all day until her mom finally comes through the door — and when she does, she is always so excited to greet her.

Petunia greets her mom at the door just like a dog, with lots of running around and excited noises. She can barely contain herself when her favorite person finally comes through the door again, and it’s the cutest sight to see.

“When we get home from work, Petunia is there to greet us,” Grant said. “She is so excited anytime I come home, wagging her tail, and just loving the attention.”

Once her whole family is finally home together again, Petunia gets a bath (one of her favorite things) and then spends lots of time cuddled up on the couch with the people she loves. She may not be a regular pet, but Petunia truly loves her family so much, and her family loves her just as much right back.

“It is always funny to hear people’s reactions when I tell them that we have a pet indoor duck, but to us, she’s just part of the family and we cannot imagine life without her,” Grant said.