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Hero Cat And Dog Donate Blood On A Daily Basis To Support Other Animals In Need

When an animal lover discovered they needed blood donors, she disclosed that her cat and dog became regular donors, and now they can aid other creatures in need thanks to her sweet effort.

Mandie Pannell and her partner, Thomas Mills, chose to donate their two dogs to a shelter to aid other animals. Weasley, her 10-year-old cat, has already donated ten times, and Spock, her six-year-old dog, has donated five times.

Credit: Mandiepannell

METRO spoke with Mandie, who said:

“Weasley is unquestionably a hero.”

When his canine sibling is afraid, the cat is so skilled at donating blood that he even looks after him.

Credit: Mandiepannell

When he donates blood, he gets so relaxed that he starts to purr, and it’s often difficult for them to detect his heartbeat. Without a question, Weasley has set an example for others to follow in terms of understanding the necessity of blood donation.

According to the woman, few people are aware of animal donors, particularly feline donors.

Credit: Mandiepannell

Furthermore, he asserts that England is a country that values animals and would go to great lengths to assist and promote their well-being.

Mandie had this to say:

“I put him in the Petplan Pet Awards for pet hero of the year because I felt it would help raise awareness about animal blood donors, and he made it to the final.”

Credit: Mandiepannell

The woman and her husband had been living together near Potter’s Bar, Hertfordshire, and they already had their pet Spock at the time. Weasley, on the other hand, became a member of the family , after Thomas gifted it to Mandie as a birthday gift.

Despite its elderly age, the cat continues to act like a kitten, is very lively, adores cuddling, and enjoys chasing insects.

Despite their competition, Spock and Weasley are good friends who spend a lot of time together and even donate blood together.

Credit: Mandiepannell

However, as Weasley came home late at night with an injury to his left hind leg, the movement to give blood began. It had apparently battled with an animal, since it had a huge cut on its rear leg and was missing a chunk of flesh.

They were unable to visit their trusted veterinarian due to scheduling constraints, so they decided to take him to the Royal Veterinary College for assistance.

Credit: Mandiepannell

Mandie continued:

“We took him there to get his wound cleansed, stitched, and bandaged.”

While they waited for their cat to be taken care of, Mandie came across an advertisement seeking animal blood donors. The woman had never seen these sorts of advertisements before, but as a nurse, she understood the significance of blood donation, so she registered her dogs.

Credit: Mandiepannell

They told him at the clinic that donor animals had to be free of any medicine for eight weeks before they could begin giving, so they had to wait.

Weasley provided his first supply of blood to aid other animals three months after fully healing from his injuries. He became a formal donor to the clinic after that, visiting them once every 12 weeks to donate blood.

Credit: Mandiepannell

Mandie explained:

“You’ve just made your tenth donation for cats, which happens every three or four months. He truly is a hero.

Spock began donating blood at the same time as his brother, although his procedure is a little faster due to the speed with which dogs recuperate. Mandie, on the other hand, claims that the clinic’s medical team is very careful with donors and that they are treated with respect.

Credit: Mandiepannell

The donation procedure takes approximately ten minutes, but they then place the tiny hero under monitoring for three hours before returning to seek for him.

The woman understands the importance of blood donation, especially if something happens to her dogs and they require it.

Mandie had this to say:

“It hurts my heart to think that another pet owner does not have access to the blood that may save their precious animal.”

Credit: Mandiepannell

Mandie decided to write to Weasley for the award when Petplan emailed her the invitation because it would be a nice showcase for donations. But also to acknowledge Weasley’s great work; after all, he has grown into a real hero who deserves to earn the prize.