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Hairless Rabbit Has Finally A Loving Home, He Is Healthy And Living The Best Life Now

Meet this adorable rabbit named Mr. Bigglesworth. He is such a cutie and was adopted by a woman named Cassandra Hall from Victoria, Australia.

He is a hairless rabbit but is so adorable. Cassandra has told that she has never seen a hairless rabbit before.

Woman found out that Mr. Bigglesworth is hairless because it has a genetic disorder. But she didn’t care. She loved him.

Turns out, if two rabbits are with and both of them have the ff gene (hairless gene), they will produce a hairless baby in every litter.

He is super healthy and it living the best life.

“[Currently,] Mr. Bigglesworth is very healthy considering his condition,” Cassandra told Bored Panda.

Also he eats a lot, more than a rabbit of his condition should eat.