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When The Dog First Feels A Baby Kick In His Mother’s Belly, He Is Shocked

Goose is a sweet rescue puppy that is completely devoted to his family. He is so grateful for the affection he has gotten since meeting his new parents that he constantly wants to make sure they are safe, and since learning that his mother was pregnant, he has become a very protective child.

The lady said she has always assumed Goose was aware of something new going on around her, but she wasn’t sure what it was until she saw her mother’s tummy move.

Megan, Goose’s mother, posted a video on her TikTok account:

He has been a little more attached to me after I became pregnant. He’s always lying next to me, resting on my stomach [and] caressing my stomach with his nose.


Goose was laying his head on his mother’s abdomen a few days before his due date when he felt his future sibling kick from the inside out.

The dog’s expression spoke it all as he comprehended what was going on; shocked, he had a thousand emotions mirrored in his eyes.

Goose was overcome with emotion at that time, and happily, it was all captured in a nice and brief video. Without a sure, your reaction is one of the loveliest things that can exist.