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Choco, The Homeless Man Who Was Recorded In The Cutest Way Celebrating His Dog’s Birthday

Choco, a Colombian man on the street who won the hearts of thousands of Internet users by committing a wonderful gesture of love, was introduced to the world.

On the steps of a park, a poor 25-year-old guy celebrated the birthday of one of his puppies. And it is because, despite his lack of material prosperity, Choco has all he needs by sincerely loving his furry companions, his family.

CREDIT: José Luis Matos

José Luis Matos, popularly known as Choco, celebrated the birthday of one of his best pals with party hats, a bespoke cake, and singing the usual “Happy Birthday.”

Choco patrols the streets of Bucaramanga, a rap music fan, but most importantly, a devoted guardian and lover of his puppies.

CREDIT: José Luis Matos

He spends his days scavenging for food for himself and his loyal companions, Nena and Shaggy, who have been with him for 10 and 4 years, respectively.

“Shaggy has been a part of my life for four years. I discovered him at the Parque de los Leones with a lady who helped me with the dog concentrate when I ran out. She loaned me a collar, which I carried with me, but then the owner emerged, took it away from me, and the dog returned to me. My two dogs are the center of my universe. As long as they’re healthy, I’ll give up eating. They are my relatives. How can I not adore them if they are so adorable.

CREDIT: José Luis Matos

Choco, unfortunately, ended himself on the streets as a result of domestic violence. He abandoned his home when he was ten years old and has lived on the streets ever since.

But, thankfully, his life has taken an unexpected turn since the video of him celebrating Shaggy’s birthday went viral.

Choco began to get assistance from many who rallied to supply him with clothing, food, and even a house away from the streets where he could relax with his favorite balls of fur, much to the delight of many.

His favorite park has become a gathering spot for many animal lovers. Many people come to offer him donations, while others come to snap photos with the man who solely cares about his dogs.

CREDIT: José Luis Matos

Aida Cortés, star of Only Fans, was recently moved by Choco’s tale and decided to surprise him by driving him to the store and allowing him three minutes to put anything he wanted in the cart.

CREDIT: José Luis Matos

Many people take advantage of this dynamic to satisfy their personal appetites, but Choco once again demonstrated that pups are his top priority by grabbing numerous packets of dog and cat food.

Choco’s drive to offer things that suited his dogs’ needs was so strong that the woman informed him at one point:

“There’s stuff for you as well.”

Aida’s wonderful effort was greatly appreciated by Choco, and she thinks that by holding the market, she would be able to assist other charities who do not have enough funds to feed the most needy animals.

His gesture of limitless love has garnered him the respect and adoration of people all around the world; nothing is more important to him than his furry companions.

“They accompany me wherever I go.” They are the source of my hope’s brightness. I don’t allow my dogs to be mistreated, and I just discovered a puppy that I had previously saved. I like assisting others.”

CREDIT: José Luis Matos