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Stray Dog Cuddles Up To Old Teddy Bear Until Someone Rescues Him

The stray dog didn’t have a home or anyone that cared about him, but he did have a soft teddy bear to hug.

Kourtnee Blount, an independent dog rescuer, was driving through a Montgomery, Texas neighborhood last week when she came upon the dog nestled up with the teddy bear on the lawn between two houses.


Blount told The Dodo, “As I turned the corner, I saw him lying there with the bear.” “There was a lot of other rubbish spread about him, so I suspect he picked it out of someone’s trash.”

Blount continued, “It crushed my heart.” “It was heartbreaking.”


Because many individuals in that neighborhood let their dogs run free, Blount originally assumed the dog belonged to someone. However, when she inquired about him, no one claimed him, and numerous locals claimed to have seen the dog around the neighborhood for the last month.

Blount put images of the puppy and his teddy bear on Facebook, asking if anybody could help him, and Destiny Swatzel, an independent rescuer, agreed to help. Swatzel, though, feared she was too late when she went to fetch the puppy, whose rescuers called Teddy.


Swatzel told The Dodo, “I went hunting for him on Monday and discovered him laying in the middle of the road.” “I panicked because I honestly thought he was dead.”

Teddy lifted his head as Swatzel stepped out of her car and approached him, and Swatzel exhaled a sigh of relief.


Swatzel explained, “I whistled for him to come to me.” “This sweet little guy came up to me and let me slip a leash around his neck.”

Swatzel observed the teddy bear as well, but opted against taking it because it had lately rained, and the bear was damp and moldy. Teddy the dog, on the other hand, no longer required his bear because he now had humans to look after him.


Swatzel looked for a microchip in Teddy right away but couldn’t discover one. He also lacked a collar or any other identifying features that would indicate a previous owner.

“He spewed up chicken bones, pieces of plastic, pebbles, and leaves while in the car,” Swatzel recalled. “He had obviously been living on the streets.”


Swatzel returned Teddy to her home, where she fed him a healthy dinner and gave him a flea wash before letting him play with her other rescue dogs. Teddy then proceeded to what was intended to be his foster home with fellow rescuer Mary St. Dizier later that day — but it turned out to be his lifelong home.

Teddy attracted St. Dizier’s interest the instant she saw him. St. Dizier told The Dodo, “I sobbed.” “I had a feeling he was going to stay with me.”