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Accidentally, A Grumpy Nativity-Scene Cat Spreads Holiday Cheer

As he settled back to watch the world go by recently, this corpulent grayish-orange feline certainly had no intention of cheering anyone up, peering out grumpily from his sourpuss eyes. The joke, however, is on him!

That is exactly what he did.


Photographer Brooke Goldman wasn’t where she intended to be on a chilly fall sidewalk in New York City early last Sunday. Goldman made the mistake of volunteering to go with her lover to catch his train that morning because he had travel arrangements. She actually preferred to stay in bed. Nonetheless, she went ahead and did it.

Goldman told The Dodo, “I was very out of it.” “I was trying to go home as quickly as possible so I could sleep again, and I wasn’t prepared for the day at all.”

But everything changed in a single sluggish step. Goldman’s eyes rested on this, as though struck by a divine vision:


A random fat kitty sat curled in the manger of a little nativity display a short distance away.

The dissatisfied cat seemed to enjoy the calm veneration offered to him by the display’s figurines, while having no qualms about commandeering the place or being concerned about offending its intended owner.

Goldman, on the other hand, had a different reaction.

She remarked, “I was laughing my ass off.”


“Anything can be cured with a decent animal picture,” Goldman added.