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Pit Bull Mom And Son Have Been Waiting For 2 Years For A Home Together

Baxter and Kaiah were surrendered to Windham Animal Control in Connecticut after their owner was incarcerated and could no longer care for them. Both dogs were so sweet and loving right from the very beginning, so the staff at the shelter hoped it wouldn’t be too long before the mother and son pair found a wonderful new home together.

Unfortunately, it’s been two years now, and the pair are still waiting at the shelter, longing for the perfect forever home.

They’re now 8 and 10 years old, and everyone at the shelter is desperately searching for the right home for the adorable pit bulls so they can enjoy the rest of their years with a loving family in a warm, comfortable home. While they’re on the older side and don’t have a ton of puppy energy, they’re still goofy and playful in their own way, and have an endless amount of love to give to anyone who is willing to accept it.

“Baxter is goofy and likes to do the typical fly-through-the-air, grab-the-sweatshirt type of pittie play,” Joan L, a volunteer with the shelter, told The Dodo. “Kaiah is very soft and gentle. They both take treats as soft as a whisper. They are really easygoing; most of the time they curl up together sleeping.”

Baxter, the son, is incredibly protective of his mama. He can’t stand to be without her, and therefore they have to be adopted together, no matter what.

“Baxter is lost without her so we keep them in the same kennel even though technically we’re not supposed to,” Joan said.

When they’re not curled up together in their kennel, Baxter and Kaiah love to roam around together outside. They’re addicted to the freedom of being able to run and play unrestricted, and neither of them are super great at walking on a leash, so the shelter is insisting that whomever adopts them must have a fenced in yard, so that both dogs will always be able to experience that joy.

“They are very undemanding,” Joan said. “Just a few minutes in the yard a couple of times a day to sniff around and go potty. Baxter likes to play tug-tug if he gets the opportunity. Then they go back to sleep until dinner!”

Besides needing to be adopted together, Baxter and Kaiah also need to be the only pets in their potential new home. Since they’ve lived with kids before and are super gentle with them, they are therefore able to live with people of any age. Their friends at the shelter would prefer if they were adopted by experienced dog owners, who will understand their needs and be patient with them as they adjust to a brand-new family and home after not having any of that for so long.

Baxter and Kaiah have had some rotten luck throughout their life so far, and now all they want is a safe, loving home to call their own, where they can cuddle together for the rest of their days.

“It would make me so happy to see them safely established with their own family in their golden years,” Joan said.