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Man Brings Horse After He Hears Pets Are Allowed In Store

There’s something special about a business that allows pets inside — but one Tractor Supply store in Oklahoma has gone above and beyond.

On Monday, Robin Morris was shopping at the chain’s location in Elk City when a man walked into the shop wearing a cowboy hat, chaps and boots. His attire wasn’t what struck Morris as unusual, though; it was the man’s request.

“[The] gentleman walks into Tractor Supply and says, ‘I’m a senior, here to buy feed for my senior horse. Can he come in?’” Morris said later on Facebook.

Sure enough, the man’s horse was outside the store patiently waiting. Tractor Supply allows any pet into the store as long as they’re on a leash — so a horse wearing a bridle surely fits the bill.

The manager welcomed the pair inside, and the man was clearly glad to get his gentle friend into the cool air-conditioned store.

Morris snapped a few photos of the sweet pair as they browsed the aisles. The horse simply seemed comfortable, as if he’d gone shopping dozens of times.

The sight was both funny and touching for Morris, who later posted the photos on Facebook. The man and his horse clearly have a sweet friendship, so it didn’t take long for them to go viral online.

While paying at the counter, the friendly man allowed some kids to come over to pet the horse. Then, food in tow, the two friends were on the road again.

After such an eventful trip, they’ll likely return to the store very soon.