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Woman And Her 9 Dogs Visit Hospitalized People Bringing Happiness To Those Who Need It Most

28-year-old Pennsylvania resident Mackenzie Makatche made the decision to breed nine Newfoundland pups for her non-profit organization’s canine therapy program for patients in hospitals.

This effort came about as a consequence of the woman’s mother using the dogs to lift her spirits while battling stage 4 colon cancer, which was discovered in 2016.

People were inspired to learn more about this excellent therapeutic approach after hearing about Diedre, Mackenzie’s mother, through social media.

IG: thenewfcrew

The woman initially relied on seven dogs for assistance, and she and her mother kept a record of their assistance activities on Instagram while she was receiving therapy.

Later, they got 2 additional puppies, and others on the platform sent them a lot of encouraging notes. They all praised her and extended Diadre their best wishes for a speedy recovery as a sign of their appreciation.

IG: thenewfcrew

Sadly, Mackenzie’s mother passed away from cancer, but there is no question that she served as a motivation for her daughter to realize the lofty goal she started to construct by her side.

IG: thenewfcrew

The Inquirer quotes Mackenzie as saying:

She was determined to establish a visiting treatment program for hospital patients.

IG: thenewfcrew

The Newf Crew is the name of the company Mackenzie founded, and it is via this organization that he aims to assist as many patients as he can.

IG: thenewfcrew