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Heartless Owner Demands Overweight Retriever Be Put Down, Vet Finds Him A New Loving Home

Taking care of a pet is never an easy task. Sadly, grooming, socializing them, taking care of nutrition, making sure their health is good, and many other things can get a bit overwhelming for some dog owners. So instead of getting help or simply trying harder for their pets, some people resort to placing their pets in animal shelters or even worse. This is exactly what happened to Kai – a beautiful and friendly golden retriever who had put on a lot of weight while living with his owner, who then decided that Kai is too much trouble and decided that dog euthanasia was a way to go.

However, once the obese dog was taken to the clinic, the vet refused to euthanize him. Instead, the vet called Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue, which helped Kai with dog adoption.

This is how he met his rescuer Pam Heggie. When she took him home, Kai was huge. “I could not believe my eyes. His size was staggering. The pictures don’t do justice to how huge he was, and how difficult even a few steps was for him,” Pam told Bored Panda.

The pooch weighed 173 pounds and had to lose more than half of his weight. Being this overweight, it took Kai 20 minutes to climb a small set of stairs so he could enter Pam’s house.

The new owner knew that it would be a long and tough process for Kai to lose excess weight and get back to his normal life. But unlike Kai’s previous owner, Pam refused to give up on him.

Despite everything, Pam doesn’t blame his past owners. “I do not know anything about Kai’s previous owners and quite honestly, I prefer it that way. I don’t believe in shaming people so I’m not sure blame is the right word. I do believe that as animal caretakers, our job is to help animals be as healthy as possible. We owe them that much. I believe educating people in how to care for their animals is more powerful than shaming or blaming,” she said.

Kai was put on a strict doggy diet and started water therapy to strengthen his legs and build stamina. Pam started taking him for a walk three times a day. “At first, he could only go a few steps before resting or lying down. So we went three times a day for very short distances.” But Kai didn’t give up either.

Eventually, he was able to walk further and further, climb stairs, and even started running in the park. The progress was stunning.