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While The Owner Is Away, A Camera Captures A Cat Comforting An Anxious Dog

When it comes to anxiety, a friend’s support may be a tremendous weapon – someone who gently reminds you that you’re not alone and that everything will be fine.

Nobody understands this better than Joule, a sweet-natured dog that despises being left alone.


Brenna Eckert rescued Joule four years ago, and she’s gone a long way since then.

“When we initially acquired Joule, she was really anxious,” Eckert told The Dodo. “We worked with a dog behaviorist on a one-on-one basis to help her work through some of her difficulties.”

Eckert described her as a “velcro dog.” “She needs to be near to us at all times when we’re at home.”

Eckert added another pet to the household shortly after Joule arrived: an orange tabby cat called Kelvin. Joule and Kelvin hit it off right away, and it felt like it was meant to be.

“Before we adopted them, the animal shelters had given each of them a temporary name,” Eckert explained. “Socks was Kelvin’s shelter name, while Sandals was Joule’s shelter name. “How odd that socks and sandals go so well together!”


But Eckert had no idea how close the dog and cat would become until one day, when she decided to install security cameras around her home to keep an eye on things while she was at work.

Eckert couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the film. Her laid-back cat was reassuring her high-strung dog. Not only for a split second, but for the entire day.

“Almost every day,” Eckert remarked, “we observed Kelvin and Joule laying on the couch together.” “When I moved the camera closer to the couch, I was astounded to discover that they weren’t simply sharing it, but cuddling up against one other.”

Eckert was so moved by the recordings that she shared one on Reddit with the caption, “This happens practically every weekday for the whole 8 hours we’re gone.”

But Joule isn’t the only one who benefits from this cozy situation. Kelvin, too, may feel lonely when Eckert is away, and Joule wonderfully fills that need.

Eckert described Kelvin’s personality as “very calm and pleasant.” “He enjoys napping and being warm throughout the day, which he obtains by cuddling up to Joule.”