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Dolphins Have The Greatest Friendship With A Sloth, They Couldn’t Contain Excitement After Meeting Each Other

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago did something really cool recently. They let penguins meet other animals.

But one the greatest friendship is between dolphins and a sloth.

And while sloths may not be the most excitable animals on earth, dolphins certainly are.

Chico is a 3-year-old very well-known sloth. He greeted some ducks around the Aquarium and later “said Hi” to the seahorses.

Last meeting was with dolphins, after waving at the jellyfishes.

“We frequently give the animals a chance to “meet” each other as a form of enrichment, which helps keep them active in body and mind. As some of our most popular animals, it seemed an obvious choice for our sloths and dolphins to get a chance to see each other while we were temporarily closed. We have another sloth, Xena, but on that day, she was more interested in sleeping than meeting the dolphins!” one of the Aquarium staff said.

“Our dolphins have had the opportunity to meet several other animals over the years, including baby gators, an African serval, a red-tailed boa and others. They’re almost always very curious about the other Aquarium residents,” explained the Aquarium staff.

Chico has 4 dolphins’ friends now. Their names are Shadow, Kai, Liko and Schooner and they are all so cute.