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Homeless Dog Finds Car Door Open And Immediately Jumps In

When Bill Shaver went fishing, he had no idea that his life would be changed forever when he met his new rescue dog. Bill was driving back to Missouri after spending time fishing in Arkansas when he decided to stop at a rest stop.

He chose to leave the car door open and the engine running since he knew it would only take a few minutes to rest, stretch, go to the restroom, and quickly throw out the garbage from his car.

When he got back into his car, he was greeted by a fantastic surprise in the front passenger seat. There was a homeless dog sitting there.


Bill examined the small dog attentively and noticed that she had been severely mistreated; she was nothing more than skin and bones, and she was visibly hungry. As a result, Bill provided her the only snack she had on hand at the time: a Rice Krispie bar.

The dog promptly consumed the treat and curled up on the seat, indicating that it was in desperate need of assistance.


Bill realized he had to act quickly; he couldn’t leave her there, and there was no way to get that lovely tiny face away from him. Bill knew straight once that taking her home with him was the best thing he could do since the dog had finally found the perfect aid in her.

Bill and his wife are used to assisting the homeless and in needed animals, so they were not surprised by this circumstance.

Bill sent a message to his wife with a photo of their new traveling companion because it was evident that the dog had no family and no clue that she was missing.


Angela, Bill’s wife, agreed with his decision and claimed she was ready to greet him with love when she heard the message.

According to Angela Shaver of The Dodo,

“I inquired as to the name of our new pet. We named her River after the location where he discovered her.”

Angela and her son walked out to welcome their new pet when Bill returned home, but River refused to get out of the car.


River didn’t appear terrified of her new family, but she did felt secure in the automobile, which was likely since it was one of the first places she had gotten assistance. Bill decided it was time to meet the entire family, including his dog brothers, after hanging out in the van for a bit.

So she wouldn’t be too overwhelmed, Bill got her out of the car and led her to meet her new siblings one by one. The family already had three dogs and a cat, all of which had been rescued from the streets, and they were excited to get another.