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Puppy Protects Her Family From A House Fire By Informing Them And Thanks To Him Everyone Is Alive

When a heroic dog awoke her family during a fire, she rescued them from catastrophe. The event happened at 5 a.m. in Teluk Intan’s Eastern Garden; Anandaveli, an 8-month-old dog, yanked the hair and desperately bit her loved one’s cheeks and ears to warn them of danger.

Vimala, a 53-year-old lady, was startled awake by her clever dog’s alarm. When he reacted, he saw that the home where the family used to pray had been consumed by fire.

According to Vimala, who spoke to The Vibes,

“I was just half awake at first.” I assumed Anandaveli’s behavior was due to his thirst, so I sent him to the kitchen. But, as Anandaveli continued feverishly tugging my leg, I regained all of my senses and became aware of the fire in the home.


She discovered her husband N. Marimuthu Naidu, 58, who is partially paralyzed, was still inside the home, in a room at the back of the house, as the fire destroyed everything in its path as she was fleeing the house owing to the smoke and flames.

The lady explains:

“I gave my youngest son, Vimalan, the task of rescuing his father. He put his life on the line to get his father out of the house before it was too late.


Surprisingly, the challenging scenario brought Vimala closer to an old high school acquaintance: Assemblyman Terence Naidu, who approached to offer his assistance in the face of the hard situation and was startled to learn that it was an old classmate.

The assemblyman wrote on your Facebook page:

“I was startled to learn that Vimala and I were Horley Methodist High School classmates 40 years ago.” Vimala went to work in a tailoring business and eventually settled down as a housewife while I pursued my study to become a lawyer and politician after we graduated from high school in 1983.


The fire was put out by a crew of 12 firemen and two vehicles from the Teluk Intan station, according to the deputy. Around 6 a.m., everything was entirely gone, and thankfully, the family remained uninjured in the midst of the crisis.


Finally, the assemblyman stated:

“We will provide food and financial assistance to Vimala and her family. We’ll also seek assistance from the district office’s catastrophe fund. We’ll endeavor to find a house for the family through a People’s Housing Project.”