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Fearful Rabbit Abandoned In A Box Clings To His Teddy Bear

Someone in London noticed a box moving on the side of the road and rushed over to investigate. They were surprised to see a rabbit bouncing around inside the box, clutching to a teddy bear. He couldn’t understand somebody abandoning such a cute bunny in the cold, so he took the rabbit home and sought assistance from the RSPCA.

Lisa Miller, an RSPCA animal collection worker, arrived at the residence as soon as she received the call to take up the sad rabbit named ‘Nigel.’

“She appeared to be having a lot of fun with her teddy bear. She is strongly bonded to the bear, implying that she was previously housed.”


Nigel was hurried to the vet, where he was thankfully found to be in good condition. It’s unclear how long he was out in the cold, but everyone was relieved to learn he was well.


Lisa stated,

“No pet should be left exposed to the elements like this. Nigel was quite fortunate to get discovered.”


Nigel is now housed at an animal shelter.

When he was first rescued and disoriented after being abandoned, he was naturally afraid, but his teddy bear helped him stay calm and acclimatize to his new temporary home.

He feels more relaxed when he has his teddy bear at his side.