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Meet Diesel, The Sweetest Dog That Has A Special Way Of Playing With His Toy Teddy Bear

This is Diesel and you can already tell that he is such a cute pup. He loves wearing clothes and his mom, Kelsey Bundy says that Diesel is “the funniest little guy”.

Actually Diesel loves his toys but lately he’s been obsessed with his toy bear. When he’s playing with his teddy, nothing else matters. Well, that’s true.

“He’ll pick it up and run in circles with it covering his eyes,” Bundy said. “I swear he must have sonar because I don’t understand how he never runs into anything.”

“Sit Means Sit Dog Training” has an explication for that. They say that Diesel is trying to please his mom or possibly show submission.

“Your dog is just trying to let you know that they trust and respect you!”

But she really likes him and mom thinks that this is such a cute reaction.