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This Loving Dog Brightens The Life Of A 9-Year-Old Boy Who Cannot Walk

The unconditional affection and company of a pet enrich our lives in ways that cannot be compared. Johnny, a nine-year-old child, is helped by this puppy; he has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, but things are much simpler for him now that Lexi is around; before she showed up, he was depressed.

Johnny’s mother, Katherine Scandasis-Finn, says that because of his condition, he is unable to sit for extended periods of time and must be connected to a machine almost constantly. He is also unable to breathe without the assistance of a special machine, eat without assistance, suffer from convulsions, and lack control over his body.

Johnny is aware of what is going on around him but is unable to respond, therefore he cannot have a typical life for a youngster his age.

As his mother put it:

He is entrapped inside himself.

Lexi is a kind and affectionate golden retriever, but her life hasn’t always been easy either. When her owners left her to Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue when she was just 5 months old, the dog was extremely malnourished.

Her foster mother assisted Lexi in getting well.

The rescue center’s coordinator, Lauri Neale, said:

“Lexi’s foster mother bathed her for the first time. She had actual fleas ripped off of her. The vet was the next stop. The veterinarian found two seromas the size of lemons on Lexi’s back and intestinal worms. She was treated and immunized, and it’s likely what happened because she spent the entire day and night on a cement surface.

“After getting to know Lexi, the foster mother realized that she was a unique puppy. She also observed that Lexi was mature and thoughtful beyond her years. She came to the conclusion that Lexi needed a house with lots of interaction.