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Dog Falls Asleep On His Rescuer’s Shoulder Knowing He’s Taking Him Home

On his way to meet his sister on a scorching day in Dubai, Anand Raman stumbled across a young, filthy-looking dog urgently seeking shade beneath the automobiles parked outside his sister’s business. Anand was moved by the situation and drove him home.

When the dog noticed Anand, something unusual happened: the tired little animal rushed up to him, as if he were a long-lost friend.

Anand had no idea that day he would save a life, let alone put an end to a dog’s, but the animal’s pleased expression grabbed him, and he couldn’t have been more affected when the dog fell asleep on his shoulder.


Anand recalls:

“She approached me with a confused yet enthusiastic expression on her face, her tail bouncing wildly.” His actions are what made me fall in love with him in the first place. Then we sat on the sidewalk for a while, and he was content to be caressed by me for a while. I carried him to the car, where he promptly fell asleep on my shoulder ».


With the aid of his sister and brother-in-law, Anand immediately proceeded to the vet, where they found the cause for the dog’s persistent staggering: he had rickets in his front legs as a result of his extreme malnutrition. Fortunately, it was curable and had no long-term consequences.

Anand explains:

“When I initially grabbed him, he was fatigued, so he fell asleep straight immediately on the trip to the hospital.” After all the filth and grime was washed off his body, I was amazed to see that his fur was actually pure white.”


The dog was given the name Anand. After all the time the dog had spent living on the streets, it was a lengthy process to get him to comprehend that he was now secure. When he initially got home, he would sit in a corner, oblivious to the fact that he had finally found a loving home.

Snowy appeared scared to return to the streets every time Anand took him for a walk, and it took him a long to comprehend that this would never happen now.


Anand knew it would be a long road to ultimately making Snowy feel secure, but he felt he could do it with patience and a lot of love.

Anand continued, ”

“At first, fitting it into a house was difficult. He sat in a corner since he didn’t know where to go or what to look at. I was always afraid of leaving him in the street when I took him for a walk, so I would remove his leash and sprint back to our apartment complex’s parking lot. This continued for a while until he understood we weren’t going to let him leave quickly.”