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This Golden Retriever Is Obsessed With Giving Everyone She Meets Hugs

Louboutina and César Fernández Chávez, her human father, often gather on a corner in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, New York, to perform a genuinely kind deed: the dog delivers warm, loving embraces to passersby. She is a stunning 5-year-old Golden Retriever with the name Christian Louboutin after the well-known shoe designer.

Due to her outstanding personality, she has also become well-known on social media; her Instagram account has more than 16,000 followers.

Says Cesar Fernandez

She enjoys doing people’s favors and loves them.

César’s buddy gave him this puppy as a gift, and the name was inspired by his love of Christian Louboutin’s iconic red-soled shoes.

His friend had recently gone through a difficult breakup and was hoping the puppy would aid in his recovery.

Nothing could stop Louboutina, who was always prepared in all condition to provide her loving hugs and paw to anybody who requested them as New York prepared for snow.

When Louboutin is around, people can’t help but take pictures of her because she is so famous.