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Service Dog Learns To Wear Goggles So He Can Work In The Lab With Mom

Sampson is a sweet service dog that has been taught to help his neuroscientist mum in the lab. Even the golden retriever has his own canine PPE, which consists of a cute lab coat, dog boots, and his own goggles.

Sampson’s mother, Joey Ramp, was involved in a horseback riding accident in 2006 that resulted in serious head wounds. The woman returned to college after her injury with the goal of studying more about the human brain.

The golden is the first dog at the University of Illinois in the United States, where Joey is pursuing his PhD, to have access to a lab.


Joey had lasting nerve damage on his left side of the body and prefrontal brain injury as a result of the accident. In addition, he suffered 23 bone fractures, including fractures to his jaw, collarbone, cheekbone, eye socket, and two vertebrae.

Mother of Sampson reported to UNILAD:

He stands by my side when I drop something in the lab so I can use it as a support to bend over and pick it up. Without his assistance, I couldn’t manage my studies or a neuroscience program.

Since the prohibition has kept many students from using the laboratories, Joey has battled for a number of years to provide service dogs access to the facilities.

Sampson must comply with all rules before being permitted to enter the university, which includes a requirement that the dog constantly be in Joey’s line of sight and don the same protective gear as people.


Sampson also had to learn how to ask her mother for things when she needed them while lying on a rubber-backed mattress for little over four hours. Although the golden retriever looks gorgeous dressed in his robe and pharmacies, her mother doesn’t want this to overshadow the importance of her daughter’s work at the university.


Joey claims

I really want people to begin realizing that service dogs undergo really rigorous training.


Sampson behaves like a typical dog at home, playing games and rolling about in the dirt. The beautiful child makes it plain that playing in college games is not on the agenda for his mother.