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Dog Found Tied Up Won’t Stop Wagging His Tail At The Men Who Rescued Him

A dog who had been abandoned by an inconsiderate person after having his legs tied and his nose taped shut was discovered by plumber Carlos Carrillo, an employee of Shoreline Plumbing in Texas, and a coworker as they were driving.

Chuck said:

“At first, we were unaware that it was a dog. We turned around and saw it.

Carlos and his coworker sprinted to set the dog free.

He stated:

He seemed fine. He enjoys being noticed and is quite loving. He most likely spent just one day there.

The plumbers transported the puppy to Peewee’s Pet Adoption in their vehicle.

Carlos penned:

“Observe that face. He is aware of his safety.

Despite having heartworm disease, the dog is typically in good health and will need to begin treatment.

According to a representative at Peewee’s Pet Adoption:

He can’t quit wagging his tail. “He is love,”

Although the perpetrator of this tragic event has not yet been identified, the rescuers are grateful that the dog has been given a second chance at life. He now needs a permanent home where he will receive and offer a lot of affection.